Online Games To Play During Impian Meet-ups With Your Friends

Are you running out of things to talk about with your friends or bae during your impian meet-ups? Are you getting bored of Netflix parties?

Try switching things up by playing online games with your BFFs.

There are plenty of entertaining options such as word and card games, or trivia and boardgames to help you pass the time while engaging in a little friendly competition.

And it will be twice the fun when you guys switch on your cams or mics at the same time to get everyone’s real-time reactions.  

Keen on challenging your bestie to a game or slot online asia gaming two? Here are 12 online games to slot online asia gaming try out right now.

Online games to play during virtual meet-ups with your friends

1. Scrabble 

A well-loved classic. Visit, sign up, send out your game invites, and enjoy a chill night with your friends showing off your linguistic prowess.

dua. Taboo 

Another classic that’s sure to get everyone guessing and to elicit some serious LOLs. Visit to generate words.

3. Jeopardy Labs 

This fun trivia game is for those who want to have fun while gaining a little knowledge.

The host needs to stream the screen while other players watch and play along. No signing up is required, and you can create your own jeopardy games.

4. Chess 

If you’re one for an intellectually stimulating game, visit or No signing up is required, simply share the link with your worthy opponent.

If you’d prefer more features and to play on mobile, try, which requires signing up first.

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5. Werewolf 

A bridge-burning social deduction game, visit to sign up and join a game room.

There are multiple roles which are randomly assigned, and kept unknown from the other players.

It’s the good guys’ task to identify the bad guys, and the bad guys’ job to wreak havoc. May the best liar win.

6. Pictionary 

This one’s all the rage right now.

Visit to play impian pictionary with two to 12 friends.

Simply create a room and share the link, no sign up required. You can even create custom words (think inside jokes) that will have your friends in stitches trying to guess.

Other sites such as can host up to 64 players, and can host up to 20 players.


There are four classic games featured on this site: Gomoku, Tic-Tac-Toe, Battleship and Connect 4. Simply share the link to get your friends to join.

8. Avalon 

A social deduction game similar to Werewolf, visit or to play. Simply sign up and wait for your friends to join your room through the lobby.

If you’re new to this game, it has a learning curve because of the multiple roles and the voting (and scheming) involved, but the chaos is definitely worth the fun.

Be warned though – your friends may never trust you again after this.


There are a few classic card games featured on this site, such as Go Fish, Match Up, and Crazy Eights. Simply share a link, no sign up is required.

If you’re sick of the same ol’ games and feeling extra creative, you can also design and create your own card game on this site using the “custom game” option.

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However, you have to manually deal the cards to players. You can even set up games with game pieces, spinners and checkers boards… go wild!

10. Monopoly Deal 

An all-time favourite, visit, sign up with two to five friends, and join a game from the lobby.

If you’d like to shake things up a little, visit, a Covid-19 themed version of the well-loved classic, and simply share the game code with no sign up required.


Here, you can find the classic, nostalgic board games which will transport you back to your childhood weekends. You can sign up, or choose to play as an anonymous guest.

The six games on this platform are: Azul, Blokus, Go, Splendor, 7 Wonders: Duel, and Century: Spice Road.

12. Steam 

This is a gaming platform that allows you to play board games – some of which are free, some you’d have to pay for.

Free games include Simply Chess, Catan Universe, and Risk: Global Domination and more.

Paid games include Cluedo, Game of Life, Monopoly Plus and many more. Prices usually range from $10-25 excluding sales.

Do note that if you want to play a game with your friends online, everyone needs to purchase the same game.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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